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Folded Map's 1st "Map Twins," create "Block Twins."

Recap video of Folded Map's first partcipants' "Block Twins," initiative inspired by their sustained friendship through Tonika's Folded Map project. Email to get involved in.

"This social justice crusade MUST be personal for all of us who care. We have to see ourselves in it and seek to understand our role in perpetuating a system that truly does undermines us ALL," is what Daniel Ash of the Chicago Community Trust told Tonika after watching her soon to be released short animated Folded Map film. His response is the exact intent of Tonika’s work; to help us ALL see how our lives, experiences, and worldview have been shaped by systemic racism whether one chooses to believe it or not. And to demonstrate the power of making this fight personal, here is a video recap of Folded Map’s first "Map Twins," special Englewood Renaissance initiative. Since meeting in 2017 through Folded Map, these "Map Twins," have built a strong friendship and during the pandemic they were inspired by Folded Map to create "Block Twins," an effort to introduce their neighbors to eachother with the goal of helping beautify an Englewood block with plants, bird houses, and art.
Video by: Butterfly Productions

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