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#FoldedMap (an excerpt)

South Side, Englewood resident, Nanette, sitting with Wade on his porch in Chicago’s North Side neighborhood of Edgewater.

North Side, Edgewater neighborhood resident, Wade, in front of South Side resident, Nanette’s home in Englewood.

South Side, Englewood neighborhood resident Nanette on Northside resident, Wade’s porch in the Edgewater neighborhood.

6720 North Ashland

6720 South Ashland

What differences do you notice between intersections 6900 SOUTH Ashland and 6900 NORTH Ashland? #FoldedMap

Carmen lives 5600 SOUTH on Winchester Street

Brighid lives 6500 NORTH on Winchester Street

Brighid & Carmen meeting for the first time.

Jon and Paula lives 6400 NORTH on Hermitage Street

Maurice “Phatal” Perkins was raised 6500 SOUTH on Hermitage Street. His mother and family still lives there.

The story of Chicago is a tale of two cities. It is both the booming metropolis with world-class institutions and strong neighborhoods, but also is struggling with segregation and racial inequity. Tonika Johnson’s project, Folded Map, leverages the urban structure of Chicago to find the mirror points of the city and visually compares them through photographs as well as having residents from those communities meet eachother on video. The first iteration of Folded Map centers on North Side neighborhoods that correspond to Johnson’s South Side home, Englewood and will be on exhibition at Loyola University Museum of Art on Tuesday, July 3rd. To receive updates about Folded Map or participate as a potential resident pair, complete the following google form:

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